LT Scaffold Services were instructed by our client, Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd to design and construct a 7 lift x 52m long cantilevered hanging scaffold, to the north side elevation of the residential block, of their major project in Swansea.

Despite the high-risk nature of the project, we were able to provide a safe solution to working at height. The project objective was to deliver this structure with free passage throughout each working lift which meant omitting the ledger bracings to the entire scaffold. During the planning and design meeting with Design Engineer Rob Pearce TAD Scaffold Designs Ltd we were able to achieve this using structural transoms.

With the inside leg loads of the roof mounted scaffold at 38Kn, internal scaffold was required to back prop the top 2 floors with the external hanging scaffold also securely fixed to the floors.

It’s one thing having the ability to plan, design and mobilise for a job like this in less than a week, but to have a team of scaffolders who are capable of erecting this in 14 days is nothing short of incredible.

Thank you and well done to the team led by Callum Wingren aged 26 and his gang; Liam Wingren (27), Lloyd Smith (31), Christopher Moore (26), Liam Ryan (26),and Callum Pearce (22)